Nylon Powder for Cosmetic,Nylon 12 Powder

Nylon Powder for Cosmetic Use,Nylon Superfine Powder
PECOAT® Nylon Superfine Powder

PECOAT® nylon powder is produced using chemical precipitation. The powder particle size range from 5 to 10 µm, without any grinding steps required. The powder has a spherical shape, a porous structure, and a very narrow particle size distribution, making it suitable for different cosmetic applications.

PECOAT® Nylon 12 (polyamide-12) superfine powder produced by advanced technology is specially developed for cosmetics. It can be used in skincare and sunscreen creams or lotions, as well as lipsticks.

  • The pH of the powder is specially adjusted to about 6, suitable for human skin.
  • As a component of cosmetics such as powder and blush, it is particularly ideal and can support the active ingredients. Due to the uniform and fine particles of the powder, it fills the uneven surface of the skin, making the skin smoother.
  • It is loose and porous, can absorb pigments, remove sweat and oil, and reduce the oiliness of the face.
  • It has low water absorption and maintains high stability in hot water, and has good tolerance to fats, oils, salt solutions, and other solvents.

Specific surface:≤6.0m2/g
Bulk density:≥200g/l
Average particle size:5.0-10.0 μm

About more details about nylon powder for cosmetic use, please feel free to contact us, sample testing is available.



  1. Moisture-proof paper bag,lined with PE plastic bag.
  2. Store in a cool and dry place and avoid severe vibration and exposure to high temperatures during transportation.
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