Is PP Material Food Grade?

Is PP Material Food Grade?

The PP (polypropylene) material can be classified into food grade and non-food grade categories.

Food grade PP is extensively utilized in the food industry due to its safety, non-toxicity, excellent resistance to low and high temperatures, as well as its high strength folding resistance. This material finds application in the production of specialized plastic bags for food, food plastic boxes, food straws, and other related products. Moreover, it is also safe for use in microwave ovens.

However, not all PP meet the requirements of being considered food grade. Only those specifically designed for the food industry are deemed suitable since they do not release harmful substances under normal usage conditions or at elevated temperatures. Furthermore, even when using food-grade PP materials, it is essential that they possess proper certifications ensuring their suitability for contact with consumables.

Therefore, when selecting PP packaging materials or tableware intended for use with foods, priority should be given to products that have obtained relevant certifications guaranteeing their compliance with stringent standards of food safety.

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