ETPU plastic ground construction process

ETPU plastic ground construction process (3)

ETPU (Expanded thermoplastic polyurethane) is a popcorn-like material. After being subjected to pressure and heat treatment, the volume of TPU particles will increase by 10 times, forming elliptical non-crosslinked foaming particles with micro-closed bubbles inside, resembling “popcorn”. ETPU material has high elasticity and can effectively absorb impact and reduce injuries caused by falls and accidents. This product is widely used in sports stadiums, school sports grounds, and increasingly in urban fitness trails, greenways, and kindergarten play areas.

The Specific Construction Process

Prepare The Materials

Primer, single-component adhesive, ETPU granules, water-based polyurethane paint, angle grinder, airless spray machine, electric iron, steamed bun knife, roller, brush, measuring instruments, electric mixer, decorative paper, etc.

Prepare the materials


Prepare The Foundation

Newly poured concrete must undergo a curing period (at least 28 days in summer, with appropriate extension in winter). Holes and cracks should be repaired with cement mortar. The foundation surface must be solid and level, and any loose layer on the concrete surface should be ground off with a grinder. The structural strength grade should not be lower than C20. Clean the ground thoroughly, removing all contaminants such as grease, oil residues, paint residues, chemicals, and slurry. Test the moisture content of the ground, and the moisture content should be ≤8% before proceeding to the next construction step (apply transparent tape tightly to the floor, and after four hours, there should be no water droplets visible on the tape).

Prepare The Foundation

Waterproof Primer Coating

After the floor is leveled and cleaned, you can proceed with rolling on a high-permeability waterproof primer. This helps to enhance the bonding ability between the foundation and the surface layer, and strengthens the waterproofing and bonding. Use a roller to apply the primer, ensuring that the surface is fully wetted without any missed spots. Avoid applying too much primer, as it can cause bubbles on the plastic floor, affecting both the aesthetics and quality. This process consists of two coats: the first coat for penetration and curing, and the second coat for sealing.

Waterproof Primer Coating

Mixing Particles

Pour the particles into a sealed container. Add single-component adhesive to the particles in a ratio of 2.5-4:1 (particles to adhesive). Stir the mixture for 5 to 10 minutes, or until it is thoroughly mixed.

4.Mixing Particles Pour the particles

ETPU granule placement

Before laying the particles, apply a layer of high-bonding adhesive. After thoroughly mixing the particles, pour them onto the ground. Use a toothed PU trowel to spread the particles evenly. Then, use a specialized paving machine to mechanically level and compact the particles to the designed thickness, ensuring control over the quantity and thickness. If there are any uneven areas, continue to level them.

ETPU granule placement
ETPU plastic ground construction

Roll coating water-based polyurethane 

After 48 hours of drying of ETPU granules, thoroughly mix components A and B of the water-based polyurethane for 3 minutes, and then spray evenly using an airless spray machine.

ETPU plastic ground construction process (2


  1. The ambient temperature at the construction site should be above 5℃, and the relative humidity should be below 80% for construction.
  2. The constructor should keep records of the construction site, time, temperature, relative humidity, floor surface treatment, materials, etc., for future reference.
  3. Open flames are strictly prohibited at the construction site.
  4. To prevent contamination of the construction edges and maintain a completely straight line (or boundary with the non-coated area), protective tape should be applied. Pay attention to cleanliness when handling ingredients and tools to avoid impurities.
  5. During construction, adhere to the principles of “dedicated ingredient preparation, multiple small batches, and continuous supply”. Prepare and use the mixture immediately, and use the mixed particles within 1 hour. Use the prepared primer within 30 minutes.
ETPU plastic ground construction process (2)
ETPU plastic ground construction

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