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PECOAT® E-TPU Foam Granule

ETPU is the abbreviation of “Expanded Thermoplastic Polyurethane”, which is a foamed thermoplastic polyurethane granule and is a product processed from thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU). Due to its structure resembling popcorn, people also call it ” TPU Popcorn ” .

ETPU is a new type of foaming material with excellent performance. It retains the excellent properties of TPU materials and also has excellent wear resistance, high mechanical strength, high resilience, resistance to bending and folding, hydrolysis resistance, oil resistance, low yellowing, and small permanent compression deformation.


Product Features
Product Features of etpu granule foam
  1. Ultra-light Density: Particles of 0.15-0.25g/cm3 can be prepared.
  2. High Wear Resistance: The wear test value is lower than 53mm3
  3. Anti-yellowing grade ≥4 level
  4. High Bending Resistance ≥120,000 times
  5. Low Temperature Resistance: Product keep good rebound performance under -20℃
  6. High Rebound Performance: Up to 60%
  7. Environmental Friendly: Entire process are environmentally friendly

Comparison Of Different Foam Materials <<

Product Types

General type PEC-MW Series (WHITE)
  1. High resilience performance.
  2. Controllable density, uniform cells, diameter 5-8mm
  3.  High level of yellowing resistance.
  4. Steam pressure 1.6-1.9Kg, time 25-32s; breakthrough pressure 1.2-1.4Kg, time 20-28s, less energy consumption.
New Series PEC-UL Ultralight White
  1. Ultra-light density
  2. Particle diameter 5-8mm
  3. Molding pressure 1.6-1.9Kg
  4. Application fields: shoe midsole, sports protection, cushion, filler, etc.
Jelly Multicolor etpu for shoes material  
  1. A variety of jelly colors are available
  2. Particle diameter: 5-8mm
  3. Molding pressure: 1.7-2.2Kg
  4. Application fields: shoe midsole, plastic track, etc.
Wear-resistant White etpu material for bike tire  
  1. High wear resistance
  2. Particle diameter 5-8mm
  3. Molding pressure 1.9-2.3Kg
  4. Application fields: outsole, midsole, mattress, plastic track, bicycle tire, etc.
New Series: PEC-GZ Perfusion White  
  1. Light particle density
  2. Particle diameter 5-8mm
  3. Molding method: Perfusion
  4. Application fields: midsole, mattress, cushion, sports protection, etc.
Use Market

In addition to being widely used in the footwear industry, E-TPU materials can also be applied to tracks, helmets, packaging materials, and automotive interiors.

ETPU Shoes are definitely worth consideringThese closed air bubbles can endow foaming particles with excellent ultra-low density, high resilience, and flexibility. By using the steam molding process to process the foaming particles into the desired shape of the product, the outermost layer of the foaming particles is slightly melted and adhered into a stable shape during this process, while the internal pore structure is not affected. When the product is a sole, the sole can be compressed to half its size under pressure, greatly reducing the shock absorbed by the sole. After the compression force disappears, the sole can quickly rebound and recover to its original shape.
According to calculations, if the weight of a car is reduced by 10%, the corresponding fuel consumption can be reduced by 6%-8%, and the carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by 5%-6%. Therefore, lightweighting of cars has become a trend in energy conservation and emission reduction. In recent years, with the continuous expansion of the E-TPU market, the application fields of E-TPU have also gradually increased. It can be used for car external seat covers and car seat cushions. The related products using E-TPU are durable.
ETPU track has more advantages than plastic trackETPU playground trak has many advantages.
  • Safe and environmentally friendly
  • Excellent cushioning and rebound performance, adjustable elastic output to meet different requirements
  • Good flatness and good touch
  • Long-term stable physical properties, wear resistance, temperature change resistance
  • High compressive strength, not easy to deform
ETPU use for Sports protectionETPU material and its processing are environmentally friendly, ensuring a safer recreational environment. It has a gentle and elastic touch, lightweight and breathable, creating a comfortable sports space. Composed of independent inflatable particles, it has excellent shock absorption and energy return effects, greatly reducing the risk of falls during exercise, and also protecting the knees, wrists, and ligaments.
Use Cases



To offer accurate price, please try to supply the following information.
  • What product do you produce ? It is better to send us a picture of your product .
  • Do you need polyester type or polyether type?
  • If you have your own required specifications, please send to us.
40-50kg/Bag/Pallet, 0.8m×0.8m×0.9-1m 100kg/Bag/Pallet, 1m×1m× 1.15m
40-50kg etpu packing
We can supply 300gram free sample, but transport is not free. Normally it needs about 5-10kg if you want to do a sufficient testing.
It usually takes about 5-7 days to finish production.
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Request A Sample
  • We provide 0.2kg free samples for your convenience to evaluate and test.
  • Any other expenses incurred besides the sample shall be paid by the applicant.
  • Sample delivery time is 1-3 working days.

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