PECOAT® Thermoplastic Powder Coating for Metal Guard Fences

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Thermoplastic powder coating is a popular and effective method for coating metal guard fences. It involves the application of a thermoplastic powder onto a metal surface, which is then heated until it melts and forms a durable and protective layer.

Benefits of Thermoplastic Powder Coating for Metal Guard Fences


Thermoplastic powder coatings provide a highly durable coating that is resistant to impact, abrasion, and chemical damage. It is also resistant to weathering, making it ideal for outdoor applications.


Thermoplastic powder coatings is an affordable option for metal guard fences. It requires minimal preparation and is easy to apply, which reduces labor costs and time.


The thermoplastic coating is easy to clean and maintain. It resists stains, corrosion, and fading, which reduces the need for regular maintenance.

Aesthetic appeal

Thermoplastic powder coatings come in a wide range of colors , allowing for customization of metal guard fences to meet specific design requirements.

PECOAT® Thermoplastic powder coatings are a highly effective and durable method for coating metal guard fences. It provides a protective layer that is resistant to impact, abrasion, and chemical damage, making it ideal for outdoor applications. The coating is easy to apply, cost-effective, and requires minimal maintenance. When choosing this coating method, it is important to consider environmental conditions, design requirements, and cost implications to ensure the best results.

PECOAT® Thermoplastic Powder Coating for Metal Guard Fences

PECOAT® Thermoplastic Powder Coating for Metal Guard Fences


PECOAT Engineering polyethylene powder coatings are thermoplastic powder coatings prepared with high-performance polyethylene resins, compatibilizers, functional additives, pigments and fillers, etc. It has excellent adhesion, weather resistance and mechanical properties, as well as good chemical stability, Electrical insulation and low temperature resistance and anti-corrosion properties.

Application Field

It is suitable for the coating of engineering facilities such as parks, residential quarters, roads, highways, railways, airport protective barriers, and isolation panels.

Powder Properties

  • Non-volatile content: ≥99.5%
  • Dry fluidity: Fluidized float ≥ 20%
  • Specific gravity: 0.91-0.95 (varies with different colors)
  • Particle size distribution: ≤300um
  • Melt index: ≦10 g/10min (2.16kg, 190°C) [depending on the coating workpiece and customer process]

Storage: below 35°C, in a ventilated, dry room, away from fire sources. The storage period is two years from the date of production. It can still be used if it passes the re-test after expiration. It is also recommended that the use of products follow the first-in-first-out principle
Packing: Composite paper bag, net weight 20kg per bag

Application method

1. Pre-treatment: degreasing by high temperature method, solvent method, or chemical method, sandblasting and rust removal, the surface of the substrate should be neutral after treatment;
2. Workpiece preheating temperature: 250-350°C [adjusted according to the heat capacity of the workpiece (ie metal thickness)];
3. Fluidized bed dip coating: 4-8 seconds [adjusted according to the metal thickness and shape of the workpiece];
4. Plasticization: 180-250°C, 0-5 minutes [the post-heating plasticization process is beneficial to obtain a smooth coating on the surface of the metal workpiece];
5. Cooling: air cooling or natural cooling

Fluidized Bed Dipping Coating Process for Fence


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