Anti-static Conductive TPU Material

Anti-static Conductive TPU Material

PECOAT® Anti-static Conductive TPU

PECOAT® Anti-static conductive TPU is a special application that is improved based on TPU material. Through special additives and precise processing, the anti-static level can provide 10E6~9, and the conductive level can provide 10E3~5. The product has outstanding stability, processability, no powder dropping or degradation, and is permanently anti-static and conductive.

Product Features

The permanent anti-static agent is not dependent on the humidity of the environment, which can ensure the use under harsh conditions. It does not affect the processing performance of the product and significantly reduces the surface resistance of the product. It has stable resistance value, good compatibility with TPU resin, and can be used for extruded or injection molded products. It has good flexibility, excellent wear resistance, superior physical properties, and advantages such as no fading, corrosion resistance, high strength, and flame retardancy.

The product is widely used in electronic accessories, electronic instrument accessories, anti-static casters, heart rate belts and other electronic products. We can provide targeted solutions according to different requirements and provide free samples for confirmation and trial use.

Anti-static TPU

ItemUnitTypical Value
Specific Gravityg/cm31.
Tensile strengthMPa23263238434245
Tensile modulus 100%MPa791113171519
Tensile modulus 300%MPa12151721262229
Elongation at break%680645600560520500480
Surface Impedance(Anti-static)Ω10E7~1010E7~1010E7~1010E7~1010E7~1010E7~1010E7~10
Suggested melting temperature160-220℃
Drying time3H-4H
Drying temperature90-100℃

Conductive TPU

ItemsUnitType Value
Specific Gravityg/cm31.271.31.311.321.331.341.36
Tensile strengthMPa32404352555862
Tensile modulus 100%MPa21273041404145
Elongation at break%350300260200170150130
Surface impedance(Conductive )Ω10E3~510E3~510E3~510E3~510E3~510E3~510E3~5
Suggested melting temperature160-220℃
Drying time3H-4H
Drying temperature90-100℃

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