TPU Alloy

TPU Alloy


TPU is modified by blending with other high molecular polymers, fully utilizing TPU’s elasticity and wear resistance, introducing the characteristics of other high molecular polymers, complementing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, perfectly expressing TPU’s characteristics, and enhancing other properties of TPU.

The product is mainly used in low-hardness rapid prototyping electronic products, complex thin-walled products, dirt-resistant, oil-resistant and other products.

TPU+PC Alloy

Polycarbonate is hard and tough, with high impact resistance, dimensional stability, a wide range of use temperatures, good electrical insulation and creep resistance, and a wide range of applications. However, its crack resistance and solvent resistance are poor. TPU material can be mixed with PC to give the blend good tensile strength, flexural modulus, heat distortion temperature, linear thermal expansion coefficient and processability.

Product Features:

injection extrusion and blow molding, high impact strength, high rigidity and excellent low-temperature characteristics. The product is widely used in automotive overlays, automotive dashboards (straps), buffers (bumpers), pipes, etc.

TPU Modified



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