Screw Locking Nylon Powder Coating, Nylon 11 Powder for Anti-loose Screw


In the past, to prevent screws from loosening, we used liquid glue to seal the screws, embedded nylon strips to prevent loosening, or added spring washers. However, these methods often had limited effectiveness, low efficiency, and inconvenience in operation. The small invention by Nylok, a company in the United States, revolutionized the field of screw locking. They found a special material that easily achieves the desired effect, with obvious anti-loosening results and the ability for mass production on assembly lines.


The material must meet the following requirements:

  • It is a thermoplastic material with elasticity.
  • It has strong adhesion to screws, is not easy to loosen, and is resistant to oil and solvents.
  • It has moderate hardness. If the hardness is too high, it will be difficult to tighten the screws, and if it is too low, the torque cannot be guaranteed.

The collaboration between Rohm Haas and Nylok resulted in the development of this special material, which is mainly composed of nylon 11 resin. It is a flexible nylon made from castor oil extraction. Only when the shearing force exceeds the yield strength of nylon 11 can the screws be tightened or loosened. Ordinary vibration forces cannot reach the yield strength of nylon 11. So far, no other material has been found to be more suitable for screws than nylon 11. Through collaboration with material manufacturer Rohm Haas, Nylok has become a leading brand in the global screw locking industry. In the past decade, this technology has rapidly developed in China and has been successfully applied in industries such as mobile phones, sports equipment, high-end furniture, and automotive parts.

Screw Locking Nylon Powder Coating, nylon 11 powder for Anti-loose screw 1
PECOAT® Screw Locking Nylon Powder Coating,

Our company produces screw locking nylon powder coating in various colors such as blue, black, red, orange, brown, gray, and green, corresponding to different product models based on the size of the screw thread. Before using the screw locking nylon powder coating, it is recommended to remove oil and rust from the screws, as oil contamination on the base material will significantly affect the adhesion of the coating. It is not advisable to heat the screws to a high temperature, as nylon 11 powder degrades faster above 330°C, which can also affect the adhesion of the coating. When not in use, the product should be properly sealed to prevent moisture.

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