Aliphatic TPU

PECOAT® Aliphatic TPU

The vast majority of TPU materials are aromatic, with a molecular structure containing a benzene ring that easily absorbs ultraviolet light and causes yellowing. Anti-yellowing TPU materials in the aliphatic isocyanate ester series, which do not contain benzene groups, ensure persistent adhesion under harsh conditions.

Product Features

Product features include good touch and elasticity, no yellowing, excellent transparency, anti-extraction, low crystallization point, anti-mold, water resistance, and excellent weather resistance.


This product is widely used in watch straps, electronic accessories, clothing accessories, automotive interiors, automotive protective films, lighting strips, outdoor products, and high-demand special environment products.

ItemsUnitTypical Value
Specific Gravityg/cm31.
Tensile strengthMPa35404550525560
Tensile modulus 100%MPa571015162235
Tensile modulus 300%MPa12152435384043
Elongation at break%550500450400380350300
Tear strengthKN/mm100120140160180200240
Suggested melting temperature160-220℃
Drying time3H-4H
Drying temperature90-100℃


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