Polyester TPU

PECOAT® Polyester TPU

Polyester TPU, based on its excellent wear resistance, tensile strength, heat resistance, anti-tangling, good elasticity, and relatively high cost-effectiveness, is widely used in various industries such as IT, wearable, wire and cable, automotive, and smart home.

Polyester Injection Molding TPU

Injection molding is a molding method that combines injection and molding. It has the advantages of fast production speed, high efficiency, and automation. It can produce parts with precise dimensions and complex shapes, and is suitable for the molding and processing of complex-shaped products in large-scale production.

Polyester Extrusion TPU

In plastic processing, extrusion molding or extrusion refer to a processing method in which materials are thermally plasticized and pushed forward by the screw while passing through the machine head, and various cross-sectional products or semi-finished products are continuously produced.

ItmesUnitType Value
Specific Gravityg/cm31.
Tensile strengthMPa15172225323540455052556060
Tensile modulus 100%MPa2.
Tensile modulus 300%MPa44.55.578.51215243538404343
Elongation at break%850830750650600550500450400380350300300
Tear strengthKN/mm627075808592103110120125150165200
Abrasion quantitymm311097959075656056504545
Suggested melting temperature160-220℃
Drying time3H-4H
Drying temperature90-100℃


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