Polycarbonate TPU

PECOAT® Polycarbonate TPU

A product developed specifically for certain special purposes, which has been successfully applied in these fields for many years.


In addition to good resistance to microbiological and hydrolytic degradation, it has lower water solubility compared to polyether materials, while having mechanical properties comparable to general polyether grades.


The product is widely used in fire hose straps, wires, films, V-belts, and animal identification ear tags.


Excellent aging resistance, oil resistance, hydrolysis resistance, high temperature resistance, UV resistance, excellent mechanical properties, and weather resistance.

ItemsUnitTypical Value
Specific Gravityg/cm31.
Tensile strengthMPa38404550
Tensile modulus 100%MPa77810
Tensile modulus 300%MPa14161819
Elongation at break%500450400350
Tear strengthKN/mm90100120130
Abrasion quantitymm325252525
Suggested melting temperature160-220℃
Drying time3H-4H
Drying temperature90-100℃


TPU Material


TPU Modified